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Nick Fury: understand exploratory analysis

The man who brought together Nick Fury’s most powerful group of notables is one of the greatest spies and strategists in the Marvel film universe. In our saga of posts on Data Science: Infinity War, it represents the phase of exploratory data analysis – precisely because of the ability to synthesize the essence of the team.

*Nick Fury image: Marvel/Disney

As we have seen, we are in the exponential curve of Big Data. Because of this, it is very important that we have methods to validate hypotheses and, more importantly, techniques so that we can see all this data clearly. It is in this context that the exploratory analysis becomes fundamental.

Next, let’s talk a bit more about the relationship between Nick Fury and the exploratory data analysis, presenting the concept and the main benefits of this tool. So keep following!

After all, what is exploratory data analysis?

Exploratory data analysis (EDA) is a statistical technique that aims to gather and summarize the main characteristics of a data set. For this, it uses visual and graphical methods, such as histograms, box plot, diagrams, among many others. With this, it is possible to have a broader view of the universe that lies ahead.

Another reason to use exploratory data analysis is the fact that, at this stage, data scientists have the opportunity to validate hypotheses. This is a very strategic moment, because this is how we can generate models and algorithms and discover new parameters and patterns (new studies) that will be processed again.

This technique should be part of any type of analysis performed by the company. It is with it that you can “turn the data inside out” if you deem it necessary, look at it from different perspectives and points of view. Thus, insights and inputs are generated that are very well taken advantage of by the scientists.

What is the relationship with Nick Fury?

“There was an idea of bringing together a group of notable people, see if they could become something more. If they could work together when necessary and fight the battles we could never achieve.” The phrase was said by Nick Fury in the first Avengers and is certainly one of the most striking of the character.

Nick Fury is the guy who brings all the heroes together. He gave a meaning to them, a greater purpose. In addition, it also plays a key role for the team to rethink their strategies and find the best way to overcome obstacles, from Loki to Thanos. Although not directly involved in conflicts, it is certainly a strategic piece.

Fury also helps heroes identify patterns and levels of threat to take the best course of action. Drawing a parallel, it is with exploratory analysis that we develop a more comprehensive perspective of the data so that we have a full understanding of the scenario we are in.

Like Fury, with the method we define the best course of action.

What are the benefits of EDA?

This is one of the most fundamental steps in the routine of a data scientist. It serves a number of purposes, especially when we consider the need to always develop a differentiated look under the data.

Check out all the benefits of exploratory data analysis below:

  1. Helps define the data visualization process
  2. Works as data quality control
  3. Suggests hypotheses for the patterns studied
  4. Evaluates whether data and assumptions are correlated within the statistical procedures used
  5. Supports the discovery of new points of view under the data

The future of Big Data is automation

Data analysis, as well as the exploratory phase, often requires some attention so that it can be performed. The good news? We can already automate the entire process with the aid of data visualization systems and software and the use of Machine Learning and artificial intelligence (AI).

We can train AI to quickly identify patterns and generate visual aids. So managers and data scientists can just look at the data. Of course more advanced systems allow us not only this visualization, but also the execution of courses of action for certain scenarios.

We mentioned this in our first post and we repeat: organizations have lost the operational ability to collect and analyze all the data that is available. This is precisely why they should think of ways to automate this process.

Either way, you will need a specialized team to coordinate and implement this type of process in your company. MJV has expertise in Data Science and Digital Transformation projects. We can promote a change of mindset in your company as well as apply the best practices in the market. Contact us!

Next episode: Doctor Strange comes on the scene with his predictions

Doctor Stranger is one of the most mysterious heroes in the Marvel universe. After losing the movements of his hands, the neurosurgeon traveled to Nepal, where he learned the mystical arts and became the Supreme Wizard. It is he who protects our reality from threats mystical entities, aliens and even gods.

One of the most remarkable scenes of the film is when the character makes his predictions for the future. How can we not remember? While navigating through 14 million possible futures, he discovers that in only one of them the heroes would triumph. This is not very exciting news, is it?

It was inspired by that moment that we decided to bring the wizard to our discussion of Data Science. In the next episode, you’ll understand the relationship between Doctor Strange and data inference.

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