MJV Framework

We deliver end-to-end project execution, from preliminary research and concept development to prototyping and implementation. We bridge the gap between user needs, business value and technological viability in order to create new opportunities, products and services. We believe innovation should be a continuous mindset forming an integral part of an organisational culture, resulting from diversity and collaboration.

1. Research & strategy

This is typically where our projects start: collecting and analyzing data. It’s a deep dive into the user, the business background story and other stakeholders involved. The main goal here is generating intelligence and insights to support the decision-making process, through an array of qualitative and quantitative tools.

2. Ideation

Once the problem has been effectively diagnosed and reframed, it’s time to start sketching solutions. Brainstorming is one of the most widely used techniques in a creative process, however we like to do it collaboratively making it a guided co-creation experience including client and end-user.

3. Test & validation

Before we invest time and money in building the actual final solutions, we always proof test concepts with the user herself. We get validation through cycles of testing, ranging from low-fidelity prototypes -quick and easy tangible representations of an idea- to high-fidelity prototypes -more complex models that resemble the final version of a product ,service or process.

4. Specify Requirements

This is where we define all aspects of what is going to be created -functional and physical attributes, capabilities, quality and other characteristics. These are very important guidelines for building the solution and they should include: business requirements, user requirements and design requirements.

5. Build & launch

We use Agile Methodology to build digital products, adapting tools and processes to each specific project. We feel this approach contributes to maintaining focus on the user while at the same time allowing more transparency for the client and flexibility to refine and reprioritize the overall design backlog.

6. Maintain

Once the initial project is complete, our flexible team of skilled experts can help maintain, optimize and iterate focusing on increased efficiency for your company.

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Design Thinking

We use Design Thinking, a creative approach for problem solving that involves ongoing experimentation throughout its four different phases: immersion, analysis, ideation and prototyping.

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Agile Methodologies

We apply the concepts of agile and lean to everything we do, not just software development. That allows us to work in a highly flexible and interactive manner, resulting in quicker deliveries and more assertive products.

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Digital Transformation

We leverage technology for business transformation in all areas of a company fundamentally changing the mindset and how the entire system operates. We design, deliver, manage, and optimize user experience across every digital touchpoint.

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Gamification is the use of gaming mechanisms to solve practical problems or foster the engagement of a specific public, within gaming scenarios unrelated to the entertainment industry. The games represent a modern view of applying new technologies and methodologies to a corporate environment, aiming to support the development of the business objectives.

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Open Innovation

Open Innovation enables industries and companies to promote open ideas, research and processes to increase productivity and efficiency, enhancing product development and optimizing the services offered.

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Sustainable transformation allows for the development and implementation of different aspects of positive impact solutions, considering the company’s ecosystems themselves and the surrounding socio-environmental context.

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