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  • Futures Design

    Our Futures Design Services focus on trend monitoring, futures scenarios foresight and anticipatory innovation frameworks. This is our risk-free recipe to help you make better decisions and drive changes in safe ways. Get ready for the new normal.

  • Outsourcing Near/Offshore

    The digital world has shortened borders. For this reason, MJV has created the ultimate nearshore and offshore solution to connect you to our experts. With distributed squads and agile management techniques, we select the professionals that best fits in your project – whether they are in Europe or America.

  • MJV Lab

    The MJV Lab is a data-driven innovation hub, focused on solutions that transform numbers into business insights. We offer solutions for data visualization, fraud detection, sentiment analysis, facial and voice recognition, in addition to a powerful combination between data and marketing for B.I. Let data work for you.

New-Normal Under Construction Research

Every aspect of life is now open for discussion. It has become clear that, to drive change for better, our society must develop organizational ambidexterity – the skill to deal with problems of the present anticipating futures scenarios. This is the new-normal standards. In our research study, we dive into the uncertainties of today and the decade in order to understand how to best tackle them.

TechInnovation Talks

  • Business Transformation

  • Retail Trends

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  • Humanização no atendimento redesenha experiência do paciente em um grande hospital

    Redesigning the cancer patient experience seeking to humanize healthcare

    One of the largest hospital complexes in Latin America has obtained a 99% patient satisfaction rate.

  • Data Driven Personas: Transforming Customer Service into a Strategic Customer Insights Tool for a Large FMCG Company

    Data Driven Personas: transforming customer service into a strategic insights tool for a large FMCG company

    The combination of data analytics and design thinking enabled further understanding and definition of specific consumer profiles using their CRM Database as a starting point

  • Gamification in Change Management - Case Study - MJV Innovation

    Gamification in Change Management to support Digital Transformation

    Gamification helped a global home improvement supplies retailing company engage 9,000 employees in a Digital Training Platform

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  • Design Thinking

    We use Design Thinking, a creative approach for problem solving that involves ongoing experimentation throughout its four different phases: immersion, analysis, ideation and prototyping.

  • Agile Methodologies

    We apply the concepts of agile and lean to everything we do, not just software development. That allows us to work in a highly flexible and interactive manner, resulting in quicker deliveries and more assertive products.

  • Digital Transformation

    We leverage technology for business transformation in all areas of a company fundamentally changing the mindset and how the entire system operates. We design, deliver, manage, and optimize user experience across every digital touchpoint.

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