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Data Science: Infinity War

It may seem unlikely to correlate Data Science with Marvel’s Infinite War saga, but we will show you that it is not at all.

In the coming weeks, we will post a series of posts here on the blog, where we will explain the details of the transformations guided by the new Data Age – which still faces a lot of different organizations. To make matters even more fun, let’s do this from the Avengers.

Since you cannot talk about movies without running into spoilers, here’s one about the digital revolution: data is the new digital strand of business!

The Data Revolution: Which side do you want to stay in?

Yes, it is via data that the market will transform. Today, there is a universe of them orbiting silently, unlike the fanfare that happens with disruptions brought on by the nonlinear growth of technology.

According to Nielsen, we spend on average 10 hours in front of our favorite screens. By 2020, it is estimated that each person will be able to generate 1.7 MB of data per second, as the sixth edition of Data Never Sleeps points out – according to the UN, we are already over 7 billion, just calculate that!

We often fail to realize how much data we are capable of producing. But smartphones, Internet-connected TVs, smart clocks, and millions of accessories connected to the network remind us of the reality – all the technological resources in our lives rely on software, in which a lot of information circulates.

That’s why data never sleeps. Big Data is only beginning its exponential path, like the entire expanding universe. Looking at this war seems infinite indeed! But it’s not true.

Several startups and companies have already had this vision and invest in teams to take advantage of this gem called data and ensure its place at the forefront of the market.

In the midst of this scenario, not having a data strategy can be very dangerous. Without artificial intelligence – look at Iron Man there, my people – it is not possible to consume, process and analyze all the information that we have at our disposal.

The threat of living in this new time Data-first is in how to make strategic decisions having to deal with the amount of simultaneous and continuous information that reaches our gadgets. Which are stones and which are only illusions?

Before we begin, a warning: At the end of the Data Science series: The Infinite War, we will present a plan of action to implement the Data-driven Culture in your business and end once and for all with the battle against the mindset analog.

It’s time to present the history of Data Science: Infinity War

First, let’s talk about what Data Science is. This branch of knowledge is a mix of IT, math, and statistical expertises, with a business-focused perspective – yes, business. It is a universe of studies that transforms the immensity of data into important drivers for decision making, generating value for companies and new business models.

Remember, he is not a guru. It functions as a decision support tool.

In Infinity War, the Avengers also need to unite various abilities to deal with Thanos and his relentless quest for the powers of the Infinity Stones. Spoiler alert: In our story, the titan represents the manager with an analogical mindset, unable to use these stones effectively and efficiently.

Now, let’s go to the best part: the correlation between the concepts of the Data Science universe and the superheroes of the Marvel universe.

How Data Science compares to the team chosen to save the world

In our story, Data Science will represent the infinity gauntlet and its incredible abilities. Note that we can also see the potential of this science between each of the Avengers – it is not difficult to correlate Iron Man with the Internet of Things, is it not?

Our solutions count on a fully skilled team:

Nick Fury

Fury is well known for his position as a leader in the US spy agency SHIELD. He would never have such a position if he were not a master strategist. It is perfect for occupying the initial phase of a Data Science solution: the exploratory analysis.

An exploratory analysis is critical to understanding all dimensions of the data set. This way, we take much less time to train machine learning models and we can have a much greater sense of the types of data we have available.

Doctor Strange

How do you talk about Doctor Strange without remembering his mysterious sentence after delivering the second to last Infinity Stone to Thanos: that was the only way.

Did he just give up? It may not be that way. He was able to see 14 million alternate realities and in just one of them the heroes win. Though counterintuitive, maybe that was the only strategy to save the universe – and only he knows it.

In our story, Doctor Strange represents data inference. It is able to collect a large volume of data in samples to make the process of statistical inference, i.e. statements about a particular scenario.


Many forget F.R.I.D.A.Y., but she replaced Jarvis – the artificial intelligence created by Tony Stark – after the events of Avengers: Age of Ultron. Our digital heroine is much more than a Help Desk: she always takes the billionaire playboy out of trouble, pointing out the best way forward based on data analysis.

Basically, what she does is automate data analysis to provide practical solutions for our hero. Undoubtedly, a key process in Data Science. Who is the hero or would be a heroine, actually?


Vision came out of a merger between Jarvis and the villain Ultron. It is an artificial intelligence so advanced that it has taken on its own consciousness, like Skynet – ok, Terminator is another film, but worth the reference.

Of course, Vision represents the Machine Learning process in Data Science. Machine learning is quite exploited by the branch, and can be used for many purposes, as we will see throughout our journey.

Iron Man

Genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist. There’s no way we can close our list of heroes any other way. Assuming the leadership of the Avengers next to Captain America, Iron Man is the king of gadgets. His countless connected devices could not put it anywhere else: let’s relate it to IoT (Internet of Things).

Many devices we use are already connected to the internet, generating a series of data constantly. By the way, with 5G, the data volume will be even larger. Taking control of this data is critical to generating solutions in your company.


The great villain of our story: Thanos, known in comic books as the mad titan. He is one of the greatest archenemies of the Avengers and has already put the whole universe in danger a number of times along the journey of our heroes.
Thanos represents the analog mindset, since he has the power to completely change the company’s positioning against the data, but instead prefers to “delete” them. Worse than that: his ignorance makes him make absurd decisions – after all, why did Thanos not duplicate the resources of the universe, instead of erasing half the existing life?

Data Science Skills: The Infinity Stones

In the Avengers universe, the Infinity Stones were created even before the Big Bang itself. Each of the six concentrates a different power, able to control an aspect of the universe: Power; Mind; Time; Space; Reality; and Soul. In MJV Solutions, they represent the skills of Data Science:

  • Power – Computer Science / IT
  • Mind – Machine Learning
  • Time – Development
  • Space – Mathematics and Statistics
  • Reality – Traditional Research
  • Soul – Business Knowledge

The power of Data Science is very similar to that of jewelry, we are already experiencing its transformative capacity. Throughout our series of posts, we will explain a little more about the importance of each of the competences of this science – also showing how they should be used together.

Dealing with the impact data has been giving business is a priority for any organization, there is no other way out. Denying this data revolution may be the way to the downfall of your company. It is from there that our villain comes on the scene: Thanos, the titan of the analog mindset.

You don’t want to be this guy, right?

Just like Doctor Strange – who saw the solution amid the other 14 million possibilities – you must leverage the analytical capacity of your business. It is only from this ability that it will change the way things are done, rethinking the company’s positioning and offering exactly what your consumer wants. Nubank, AirBnB and Uber are proof of this power.

We’ve already given too many spoilers from our Data Science series: Infinity War for just one article.

Over the next few weeks, we will speak more deeply about all the concepts we are discussing here and the advantages of investing in Data Science strategies.

Remember the Black Widow’s message to Steve Rogers in the Avengers: Ultimatum trailer, before heading off to their final confrontation with Thanos, “This will work, Steve.” And it has to. After all, in the near future, we will all be required to develop analytical skills.

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