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Meet Thanos: the analog villain in the data era

Throughout our saga Data Science: Infinite War, we talked a little about the Infinity Stones – that is, the data scientist’s skills. As promised, today, let’s introduce our villain, Thanos: who would he be in the universe of Data Science?

*Thanos image: Marvel/Disney

In our story, the “Crazy Titan” is represented by the manager who still has an analog mindset.

Managers and directors who ignore the need to develop a solid strategy for Big Data often make blind decisions. Instead of multiplying resources and generating more value, they prefer to “erase” the existence of the data have you ever wondered why Thanos did not generate more wealth, but preferred to end half of life in the universe?

How can our Data Science heroes overcome this obstacle? How to promote a true transformation in companies, basing decision-making on data? More importantly, why go into this war? The answers to these questions, you will follow in our post!

The battle against Thanos: Why use Data Science?

Before defining your strategy to beat Thanos, you need to understand why you should go into this war, don’t you? Efforts need to be worth it. Be Sure: Using Data Science is a matter of survival, just like the Avengers battle against the crazy Titan!

Check out the main reasons as follows:

Keep the company competitive

GAFA is the acronym for Google, Amazon, Facebook and Apple. These four companies are dictating the rules of the market. They already use data to generate more value and business. This way, they can play in the game, becoming competition even in the most unusual sectors.

No matter what your market segment: certainly it is influenced by the decisions, actions of UX and strategies of GAFA. Not to be outdone, you have to think about your actions for Big Data. This includes Data Science, a strategy widely used by these Big Techs.

Enter the User-centric Era

We can say that millenialls generation represents a new moment for organizations: the User-centric era. Used to an on demand and 100% digital world, these customers demand quick and effective responses to their problems, as well as personalized service.

Organizations need to automate data analysis so they can deliver even more user-focused services. One of the functions of data scientists is to develop systems to automate this analysis and optimize results.

Make assertive decisions

A world in constant transformation requires more assertive companies. They need to position themselves firmly, making predictive and prescriptive analyzes. This way, they can work with a more palpable future, drawing more predictable scenarios to act safely.

The Data Science Infinity Stone skills allow you to lower the risks of your business and to thoroughly prepare each of your steps. As we have seen, each jewel is capable of manipulating an aspect of the universe of data at its disposal.

Implementing Digital Transformation

Finally, you have to understand that data does not only function as a support for decision-making: in fact, it can work as a real business asset for your business. Data is the new oil.

Many companies are included in this context, and we are not just talking about companies like Netflix, Uber, Nubank, Facebook and Google. Soon, data will be the digital business side of most companies.

The Avengers’ Strategy: How do you implement Data Science?

Just as we cannot beat Thanos with brute force we have seen the Avengers fail miserably by adopting this strategy-we can not defeat the analog mindset without a true Cultural Transformation in the organization.

You need to rethink the company’s processes, mindset, and business model for this change to occur. Here are some tips to implement Data Science in your business.

Promote the Data-Driven mindset

Developing the Data-Driven mindset is the same as raising awareness of the importance of data in the organization. This means that decisions, action plans, and even products and services need to be data driven. Iron Man would not be anyone without J.A.R.V.I.S and F.R.I.D.A.Y, wouldn’t he?

It’s necessary to implement this mindset in your organization’s culture. After all, all employees, from the operational to the strategic level, must understand the importance of basing the data in all its breadth.

Perform process integration

The work of data scientists cannot be done in isolation, without integration with other departments. After all, it is often necessary to integrate data from different sectors and internal processes. In addition, they need business experts to assist the work.

So one tip is to bring data professionals closer to different industries. Imagine data professionals such as Captain America, helping guide the strategic decisions of all departments.

Focus on prescriptive and predictive analyzes

Some companies believe they have solid strategies for Big Data, but actually only perform two phases of data analysis: descriptive analysis and diagnostic analysis. The two steps, though fundamental, are only capable of responding to “what happened?” and “why did it happen?”. Note: we are talking about reaction, not action.

Just like Doctor Strange, who foresaw a myriad of possibilities for deciding what would be the best course of action for the Avengers, your company should also perform the prescriptive and predictive analyzes, which aim to provide answers to “what will happen” and ” what to do when it happens? ”

This is how you guide the fate of the company with assertiveness, being the true guide to your destination.

Iron Man: Introducing the First Avenger

After all, what’s left of Iron Man without his armor? He himself replied: genius, playboy, billionaire and philanthropist. Tony Stark was the first hero to be recruited by Nick Fury for the Avengers initiative. To many, his cheeky way is captivating. Others prefer the righteous style of Captain America.

One way or another, in our next post we’ll talk about Iron Man, the representative of IoT (Internet of Things) in our special series on the Infinity War. Don’t miss out!

Ah, meanwhile, read our post on Data Science to understand a little more about it!

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