5 strategic pillars

We have 5 main strategic directions in which we have extensive experience in different industries and varied business challenges.

The integration of these strategic directions brings a holistic approach to problems turning them into opportunities high impact for the business.

five strategic pillars

we combine our strategic pillars to create our offerings.

Strategic Design
Digital Transformation
Cultural Transformation
Experience and Interaction
ESG Transformation

Strategic Design

We combine business strategy with human-centered design in order to generate highly relevant solutions.
We understand all the stakeholders involved in the business and identify latent needs to design differentiated solutions.
We build innovative territories, future scenarios, design new products, services & experiences & develop positioning and communication strategies.

Strategic design: some challenges we have tackled

  • Future brand territories
  • Exploring new business models
  • Designing new offers for new markets
  • Experience and service design
  • Brand strategy & Communication

Experience and Interaction

We design and implement user-friendly solutions that are compatible with the company’s technological infrastructure.
We identify needs and functionalities to achieve strategic objectives. We use agile cycles to build prototypes and develop solutions until their implementation.
We design both platforms and tools for internal use and to interact with clients as well as with external stakeholders.

Experience and interaction: some challenges we have tackled

  • Process Digitalization
  • Creating & Redesigning process
  • Development of new working tools
  • Gamified Platforms
  • Proof of concept

Digital transformation

We accompany and take our clients to the future.
We understand the needs for change and identify the best technologies and processes to create business transformation as well as to create a digital mindset.
We design and implement digital solutions including Front End and Back End, Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things, and Big Data.

Digital transformation: some challenges we have tackled

  • Digital Strategy
  • Smart Solutions
  • Open Innovation

Cultural transformation

We integrate our expertise to promote change towards an innovative, agile and people-centered culture.
We build personalized innovation models, based on existing methodologies, current company culture and strategic objectives.
We design tools, processes and experiences necessary to generate a real change in behavior and impact the business.

Cultural transformation: some challenges we have tackled

  • Design Thinking + Agile
  • Intrapreneurship
  • Innovation culture for IT (Information Technology)
  • Innovation Labs

ESG Transformation

We’ve pulled our heads together to position ourselves in line with an increasingly sustainable future. Our solutions have always been human-centered, and that’s why we believe it’s our responsibility to create an even better world for future generations.

Development and implementation of positive impact solutions that take the whole ecosystem into consideration, focusing on business, people, and the planet.

five strategic pillars

ESG transformation: some challenges we have tackled

  • Sustainability plans
  • Circular review of the value chain
  • Engagement Plans and Stakeholder Management
  • Employee well-being and experience

Case Studies

  • Humanização no atendimento redesenha experiência do paciente em um grande hospital

    Redesigning the cancer patient experience seeking to humanize healthcare

    One of the largest hospital complexes in Latin America has obtained a 99% patient satisfaction rate.

  • Data Driven Personas: Transforming Customer Service into a Strategic Customer Insights Tool for a Large FMCG Company

    Data Driven Personas: transforming customer service into a strategic insights tool for a large FMCG company

    The combination of data analytics and design thinking enabled further understanding and definition of specific consumer profiles using their CRM Database as a starting point

  • Gamification in Change Management - Case Study - MJV Innovation

    Gamification in Change Management to support Digital Transformation

    Gamification helped a global home improvement supplies retailing company engage 9,000 employees in a Digital Training Platform