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Strategic flexibility: understand the value of this transformation in times of uncertainty

The future has changed. This statement may sound strange because we never really know our future.

The future has changed. This statement may sound strange because we never really know our future. 

However, we do know that the future we envisioned is no longer going to be quite the same. 

It will not be centralized. It will not have rigid management that gives little autonomy to its employees. It will not think of networks as a future state.

This new future is upon us, and it will demand more from every industry. 

  • Agility
  • Antifragility to go beyond resilience, and to learn every time we fall to return differently, stronger. (if you recognized the reference to Bruce Lee here, you are right!)
  • Action
  • We will dive into this through our material to demonstrate the urgency of repositioning your company and how it will generate value for your business!

The Urgency of Strategic Repositioning

The present and the future will belong to companies that think about co-creating and putting the focus of their strategies on their employees, customers, and service providers.

MJV was born with this mindset. The Design Thinking methodology is in our DNA and is the foundation of our values. It is the guiding thread for our transformation. In this delicate moment, we are leveraging our work in this direction and helping companies to breakthrough.

What really matters now?

The answer is simple. Strategic Repositioning.

 Design Thinking is the backbone for strategic reframing.

What is it?

  • It is about understanding how people are feeling and how they are dealing with the new reality. It considers coming changes and our commonalities.

Design Thinking manages to understand the individual through a deep analysis that draws a panorama of all these vectors. It puts everyone on the same page, enabling a better understanding of the business, especially during this time of transition and challenges or changes in management.

What we need at this moment is to have a deep understanding of the individual and their needs. This will lead to rethinking the business, and Design Thinking can help.

How does it generate value for your business?

  1. Promotes engagement
  2. It helps you think of actions that generate a more efficient remote transition.
  3. It shows you the path towards reshaping business in a time of crisis.
  4. It finds business opportunities despite our current context. 
  5. It keeps the corporation competitive in the market. 

Your operations can become more competitive in times of crisis. In our e-book, Remote Transformation: How to restructure your operations in times of uncertainty, we bring concrete solutions to help you review your strategy, make operations more flexible, and remain competitive. 

Remote Sprint for Strategic Repositioning

The context of accelerated remote transformation brings a variety of complex and urgent challenges that companies need to address quickly to ensure competitiveness and continuity in their operations and objectives.

These challenges permeate the entire business structure and unfold in strategic, tactical, and operational aspects.

To face these challenges, organizations need to actively address the three pillars of a successful remote transformation, their mindset, agent facilitation, and capability.

In the current uncertain context, companies need to address major questions. Social isolation and remote work are just some of the concerns and challenges. To maintain competitiveness in the short and medium-term, it will be necessary to quickly understand the following, 

  • How to adapt and reframe medium-term strategies to short-term plans in times of crisis?
  • How to pivot business plans in execution and prioritize?
  • How to reframe work dynamics and routines to minimize the impact on the workforce, partners, value chains, and customers?
  • How to identify new opportunities for seeking competitiveness and resuming growth?

Want to operate a remote transition, but don’t know where to start? Check out our Remote work: Complete Guide!


MJV delivers a format to quickly diagnose, conceptualize, and validate an assertive strategic redirection which adheres to the challenges of our current context.

Since these new uncertainties demand agility, the proposed format aims to revisit and pivot current business plans quickly.

It starts with a week-long sprint in which all planning stages are dynamically reviewed. It combines Design Thinking and Agile Methodologies to optimize and facilitate the definition of complex themes and subsequent decision making.

  • The Remote Sprint for Strategic Repositioning allows us to address in an agile and assertive manner issue that are traditionally decided in longer terms. By bringing a lean mindset in line with the growing uncertainties in place, the approach delivers a worthwhile result in a short time, taking the focus to short-term execution.

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Reinvent yourself: the future doesn’t delay

Remember this phrase as a mantra for the changes to come, for the new to arrive, it is necessary to give up the old. Changes bring uncertainty. They demand a break with the existing structures and bring with them the unknown.

“In the current era of volatility, there is no other way than to reinvent. The only sustainable advantage you can have over others is agility”.

                                                                            Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon

Now is the time to use our diverse backgrounds, skillsets, and dynamic culture to propel us forward.

We will look to the future with a positive mindset, ready to adapt to a new way of working, and to overcome the challenges we face along the way.

Are you ready to face the innovation challenges that may come to your company? Let’s talk.