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IT Outsourcing: The Clever Way to Expand Your Team

The nature of work has been changing for some time now, and people are starting to get used to the idea of not having to come into the office. Companies used to be afraid of what 100% remote teams would mean for productivity. That fear is behind us now, and before us is nothing but opportunity.

IT outsourcing is no different from regular job outsourcing. The only difference is that IT work is particularly well suited for remote operations. IT outsourcing has never been this risk-free, and the benefits are up for grabs.

What are the benefits of IT outsourcing?

It’s no secret that the global business process outsourcing sector (BPO) is thriving. The sector was estimated at USD 232.32 billion in 2020 and USD 245.91 billion in 2021, with projections showing a similar increase year by year.

Due to the scarcity of talent in technology, outsourcing is becoming even more desirable. With companies rushing to complete their digital transformation checklist, it seems that there is simply not enough local talent to supply every organization with its IT requirements. Outsourcing is a perfect fit for companies looking to fill out proficiencies they’re lacking.

In the age of remote work, hiring locally is no longer a necessity. Many employees are beginning to request 100% remote positions, and at this point, companies and coworkers are used to dealing with online logistics. It would behoove any company not to limit themselves to professionals in their immediate area or even within their country.

Besides the more strategic form of hiring that it provides and the vast pool of specialized professionals available, the most significant benefit of IT outsourcing is by far the operating cost reduction. For companies in the United States, for example, hiring IT professionals in Latin American countries provides their new employees with highly competitive salaries due to the current exchange rate of the dollar.

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The idea that outsourcing work means you’re underpaying your workers is a dated notion. When the buying power of other currencies is taken into account, a starting salary in the US can equal a significantly above-average salary for outsourced employees. It is also no longer difficult for companies to find fluent or even native English speakers abroad (i.e., this article is being written remotely from São Paulo, Brazil, and my English is immaculate).

All of these benefits culminate in a single conclusion: IT outsourcing is the easiest and smartest way to expand your team. Finding the perfect fit locally can be a challenge, but with a global pool of trained professionals and shorter adjustment periods, outsourcing can make your job that much easier. As companies expand and try out new technologies and business models, they’ll need dedicated teams focused on innovative projects. This can be a burden on teams that are already focused on other work. Outsourced IT professionals can take that burden on to lighten your load and propel your company forward.

How to get started

The quickest way to get started is to hire an IT consultancy. They can help jumpstart your IT outsourcing process and get you in touch with skilled professionals without you having to lift a finger. They’re well versed in several different fields and have already assisted several companies in their IT outsourcing endeavors.

We’ve separeted a couple of benefits of working with the MJV outsourcing format. Take a look:

The MJV Way

• 12-hour work days, alternating teams.
• Offshore factory speeds up projects and lowers total costs.
• Nearshore capacity leads client communications and quality assurance.
• High skilled Talent Management team for both recruitment and retention.
• Seamless remote teams integration
• Large pool of skills
• Scalable infrastructure

Technology Stack
→ Front-end
→ Back-end
→ Mobile
→ Low-code platforms
→ DevOps
→ BI & BIg Data
→ Data Science

You can also see more deitaled specifications here.

Suppose you’re still uncertain about IT outsourcing in general or are looking for more information on the subject before committing to outsourcing yourself. Our ebook covers the topic more in-depth and goes into topics like the different types of IT outsourcing available on the market, as well as other benefits that are ripe for the picking.