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Digital validations: it’s time to think about competitiveness and resume growth

From the customer’s point of view, the perfect solution to problems seems to appear overnight, but whoever is on the other side knows that the process of validating products and services is not that simple.

From ideation to validation, there are many activities that require time and resources. Not to mention the frustrating process of prototyping. It turns out that all of this is necessary to optimize the company’s resources and deliver what will really be of value to the customer.

The good news is that this whole process can be done digitally and remotely. In this way, organizations have accelerated their deliveries and kept their list of products and services in line with consumer needs.

In this article, we’ll talk a little about the validation process and MJV’s solution to this problem: The Digital Factory. Shall we?

A digital process: from creation to validation

If you follow our blog or know what we’re about, you know that Design Thinking is the methodology used at MJV to develop solutions for our customers.

The same process can be incorporated into your company to transform ideas into real solutions. DT is an approach focused on the human being, which takes advantage of the designer’s eye so that solutions really fit their problems.

The steps of Design Thinking are:

  • Immersion;
  • Ideation;
  • Analysis;
  • Prototyping.

In addition to these creation steps, we have the validation process. At which point, we will test the product or service in real situations and find out if customers are going to welcome them or not. This is where the Digital Factory comes into play.

This tool delivers the entire process in a digital format, which is essential to reduce costs and optimize speed as much as possible. Thus, you validate several prototypes at the same time and make your product available to the end customer more quickly.

Steps for the Digital Factory

The Digital Factory works as a prototyping laboratory. MJV participates in developing the diagnosis, drawing the scope of the prototype and connecting creatives who have an affinity in the project’s context.

Digital Factory works in very simple steps:

  • Ideation: it is the time to choose the plan that best suits your needs and creates the ideas that will be prototyped and validated.
  • Scope: in addition to defining the exact  process and deadlines for the project, we designate specific professionals to take care of it.
  • Prototype: work begins and the team starts developing the prototype. You have the opportunity to validate each step.
  • Validation: we develop landing pages and administer ads to validate the project’s public acceptance.
  • Optimization: with insights, we send constant improvement suggestions so that the final delivery is as aligned as possible.

As you can see, we covered the entire process from end to end, up until the product launch. The best policy is to have visibility in stages, which allows everything to go according to what was originally planned.

The benefits of Digital Factory

As you can imagine, Digital Factory is a very versatile tool, mainly because it eliminates any need for physical meetings. Our idea is to create a real development platform to validate any idea.

Solution adapted to remote work

Yes, Digital Factory does not require long face-to-face meetings. We remotely call on professionals according to their fit for the project and we have already start prototyping the idea for the client.

In other words, the solution is completely adapted for remote work, which is fundamental to reducing costs and optimizing production time.

Simplified Digital Transformation

Digital Factory is fully integrated with the idea of ​​Digital Transformation. The relationship processes between MJV and the client takes place in an integrated and digital way. This creates a true validation platform. In addition, the entire solution happens without having to worry about managing teams.

Professionals dedicated to the project

Part of the work involves providing professionals that are fully dedicated to your project. Best of all, they will have been chosen based on their area of ​​expertise and specific know-how for prototyping this specific type of product or service.

We have specialists working in areas such as UX, UI, Digital Marketing and Customer Experience, to guarantee satisfaction.

Cost reduction and time-to-market

Today, if a project is delayed a week before entering the market, it can fail. Our solution serves precisely to streamline this process and ensure that all the validation takes place as quickly as possible.

You do not need in-house teams to handle the project, in addition to having our professional experts in optimization. The result is cost savings.

Fixed monthly fee

To close our list of benefits, we have the issue of the fixed monthly fee, which is essential for you to have a predictability when it comes to costs and be able to organize yourselves for the project launch.

Do you want to know more about our Digital Factory? Contact our team!