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Infographic – 5 trends that will revolutionize the energy market in the next few years

The Future is Knocking! From Blockchain to Digital Twins, take a look at the top energy efficiency trends

Is your company aligned with the new direction that the energy market is heading towards?

See our infographic below, which is downloadable!

Energy market: the future is knocking

The energy sector underpins the structural development of nations. But it is not immune to changes that may require a fresh look at today’s existing business models.

To win over 100% of their digital consumers, companies must become increasingly agile and innovative.

The priority is to invest in the creation of a Digital DNA in order to meet the industry’s biggest challenges:

climate change | shortage of resources | search for greater energy efficiency

We list the 5 technologies that drive energy efficiency.

The 5 technologies that will revolutionize the energy market in the coming years:

1- Blockchain

Blockchain tops the list of drivers for industry change.

Everything we hear about smart cities is powered by this technology.

Including extremely secure platforms that can reduce waste and costs. Through the use of mapping electrical paths, theft can be reduced by an estimated 55%.

2- 5G.

Without a shadow of a doubt, 5G is the foundation for the Internet of Things.

It will support the transformation of power distribution systems through

a combination of networked devices, high-speed communication, and real-time data processing.

3- Internet of Things – Internet of Energy

IoE is moving towards becoming a network intelligent energy infrastructure system, collecting, organizing, and connecting individual information to and from other network management elements.

4- Open Energy

An Open Energy scenario arises in which micro markets become possible.

New forms of alternative energy production and consumer empowerment highlight this new age.

We need to rethink the business model to be competitive.

5- Digital Twins

The Digital Twins arrive with the promise to promote an ecosystem of monitoring, analysis, and mitigation of failures in the energy market.

Their analytical power comes from using Big Data and Machine Learning to design the best scenarios, manage risk, and elevate decision making to the next level of efficiency.

The Action Plan

The energy market’s priority is to invest in building Digital DNA to meet the industry’s three major challenges:

  1. Climate Change
  2. Resource Scarcity
  3. Energy Efficiency

Let’s design an action plan for your company to adopt the best tech-innovation solutions?

Expertise: IT Outsourcing / Open Innovation

Led Design: Adoption of a user-focused approach, such as Design Thinking

Agile Delivery: Use Agile Practices – Agile and Lean

IT as a strategy: Adoption of a data-driven mindset / Services, 100% digital products / Artificial Intelligence / Blockchain

5 trends that will revolutionize the energy market


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