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5 reasons to rethink strategies and identify new opportunities in uncertain times

“I want things to go back to normal.” You must have heard and said this phrase a few times recently, right? The truth is that even after this crisis, we will face a series of new global challenges. The concept of “normal” will be transformed and relationships will change. Covid-19 has brought about a post-normal era.

This new normal brings about an opportunity to rethink your organization’s strategy, positioning, and offers.

Here are five reasons to start your transition now. 

1. The future is no longer in the future.

Remote work, fully automated industries, and distance education are no longer part of the future, they are here now. 

At this point, things will not return to how they were. In the case of remote work, employees will likely not return to rigid in-office schedules and demand flexibility and new ways of working. 

If your company hasn’t implemented flexible work options, this is a good time. While it is still a competitive advantage, it will soon become a requirement. 

2. Getting social about social causes is mandatory.

If social media wasn’t already forcing companies to adopt more human and direct communication with the public, Covid-19 did. Given the current context, consumers expect immediate social actions from organizations and they want to see and hear about it through multiple channels.

Your company needs to rethink communication and positioning and what it is doing to help society. This will remain true even after this period of social isolation. From now on it will be fundamental to position yourself clearly to resonate with your audience and the things they care about. 

In this pandemic, many organizations have already carried out social actions to help people in need, especially health professionals. What is your company doing?

3. Social belief systems are changing before our eyes.

Another reason for your company to rethink its strategy is that beliefs and behaviors are changing because of the crisis. The pandemic, much like war, makes people rethink their values and their priorities.

You must empathize and follow your audience to understand what they truly need at this moment. In doing so, you will have participated in their metamorphosis and will know exactly how to position yourself in the future.

4. The effects of the pandemic will be long-lasting.

Although there are still political forces claiming the opposite, the fact is that without a vaccine, some form of social distancing will be needed for another 2 years. Most countries will face periods of loosening and tightening restrictions as cases fluctuate.

This means that your company will need to be agile and not bet on long term plans or follow pre-COVID strategies.

Yes, it is difficult to give up on pre-made plans, but there is no other alternative.

The first step in overcoming the crisis is to accept that it has already started. Thus, step by step, we can formulate strategies to overcome it. It will not be easy, but it is necessary.

5. Immersion is here and we need to dive in

From online concerts to virtual tours, to free webinars, companies are offering immersive experiences to connect with their audiences directly and virtually. 

Companies will continue to provide more immersive online experiences for customers, and technologies such as Virtual and Augmented Reality will be in high demand. 

This is the time to explore new ways of relating to the public to promote your business.

Ready to rethink your strategies?

One of our missions at MJV Technology & Innovation is to show you alternatives to dealing with a crisis. To guarantee the future of your business, you must explore new markets, rethink working models, and design new plans. We can help. 

Through digital Design Thinking, we help businesses work through their challenges. We apply techniques, such as immersion, analysis, ideation, and prototyping, through digital tools to find solutions for our clients’ challenges during these times.

Design Thinking is an essential method for solving problems during these times, as it focuses on the human aspects of decision making and allows for an in-depth analysis that takes into account what is most important to people.

Let’s overcome these challenges together?