Identify new business opportunities in the face of increasing demand for airline tickets in Brazil, with the help of processes Design Thinking.

According to the Ministry of Tourism, nearly eleven million Brazilians travelled by plane for the first time in 2011 which resulted in 11 billion in revenue. Seeing this new client demographic in their stores, the international airport retailer Dufry was interested in developing strategies to meet the demands of this growing group of travellers.

Project Development

Understandably, the way a first time traveller sees and moves through an airport is very different to the way the retailers more frequent customers would do so. With this important factor in mind it became essential for us to identify and tap into these differences in order to effectively meet their needs.

Combining Dufry’s previous market research with our own first-hand research observing airport users we were able to expand the projects initial objectives to moments that occur before arriving and after leaving the airport. Finding that people’s first trip abroad began the moment they decided to fly and ended only after they returned and unpacked their things, we were able to develop ideas alongside the company that would support these more novice customers on their journey.

With final concepts revolving around customer loyalty programmes, promotions in schools and airport campaigns, in combining the company’s deep knowledge of the travel industry and their own portfolio of products we came up with nearly eighty ideas in a series of ideation sessions, fifteen of which were prototyped and tested to evaluate their validity and effectiveness with customers.


As a result of the project the company was able to interpret their previous research findings from a different perspective. However great the opportunities were with this growing market, Dufry realised that in accurately interpreting this new clients needs and behaviours they were providing a more successful customer experience and surpassing their initial objectives.

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