Insurance Industry

A large insurance company was experiencing a high volume of claims that, when investigated further, could have been prevented had the patient been monitoring their health more closely. In hoping to bring down their costs and number of claims the company decided to provide a service for its customers with chronic diseases that would help them maintain their health.

With the widespread use of mobile phones and our experience with technological innovation we focused on providing the service via the patients phone that would allow them to track their health and managing their daily routines more conveniently.

Through a user-centred research approach conducted alongside patients, their families and the insurance providers we were able to define the most important factors related to lifestyle, diet, physical activity, types of chronic diseases and their related medications that the service would be able to address. Bringing the insurance company’s staff together with industry experts we evaluated the insights obtained with the objective of generating possible solutions.


With empathy and trust as the defining factors in the final concept, we were able to develop ‘SMS Coach’, a text messaging service that assisted users in adopting a healthier lifestyle that was tailored to their specific needs. As a consequence of the project the company saw not only a drop in claims that were preventable but were also able to get closer to their customers, resulting in a deeper level of understanding that has helped shape their future products and communication strategies.

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