Spread innovative thinking among all your employees! Using methodologies such as Design Thinking and Gamification, our consultants can help you to make your entire company breathe innovation. When thinking about a culture of innovation, you need to bear in mind the example of America’s Thomas Edison, one of the greatest inventors of all times, who took years and more than a thousand attempts to arrive at his most important innovation: the light bulb. With his failures and successes, Edison is an excellent example of how companies should act when it comes to innovation. In other words, it is essential to not be afraid of making mistakes in order to develop this culture, as new ideas always involve a risk and people need to accept this as an indispensable part of creating something new.

Creating a culture of innovation, which involves thinking outside the box to generate ideas and being focused on continuous learning, is not a simple or easy task, since trying to change a company’s established culture is one of the hardest endeavours that exist. It is often like trying to sail a ship whose control mechanisms aren’t working. Getting the ship where you want to go is possible, but the chances of suffering delays are enormous, generating wasted effort and productivity.

There are no magic formulas for implementing a culture of innovation at a company, as each one needs to be assessed in accordance with its specific characteristics and objectives. Some companies want to innovate in order to grow and become more competitive, while others need to innovate to survive, and others still need to reverse the negative effects of poor results in order to get the organisation back on its tracks. As a result, each company must be evaluated in line with its own context, reality and needs, so that appropriate innovative solutions can be presented to it.


Truly innovative companies treat innovation as a source of long-term competitive advantage, always involving the full support and involvement of their managers, which is fundamental for innovation to really happen. Our team of design thinkers, made up of professionals with international experience, is ready to help you implement a culture of innovation at your company.

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