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Workshop de DT
Design Thinking Experience in Atlanta

Interactions with call centers are practically unavoidable, and often frustrating for the caller. MJV hosted a Design Thinking Experience workshop addressing how to improve customer relationships through call center interactions. About 25 influential metro-Atlanta business men and women attended the mini-Design Thinking course at Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce (MAC).

The workshop actively engaged participants in the Design Thinking process by helping them understand the context of the call from the user and representative points of view. After this data was gathered, participants worked in groups to analyze their findings, form ideas on solutions, and build simple prototypes to test and present the solutions.

The MJV team was well-represented by Mauricio Vianna, MJV’s CEO, who traveled from Rio, Brazil; and Rafael Ribeiro, MJV Sao Paulo’s Head of Innovation; as well as Carrie Moore and Fabiana Di Pietro Xavier, both of the Atlanta office.

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