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On Thursday, September 10th, MJV Atlanta held a Design Thinking workshop for leaders and professionals who aim to bring innovation to their companies.

A total of 14 participants joined the event, most of which were from Georgia Tech’s Innovation Center, where MJV’s office is located.

Technology Square is a booming complex home to startups and companies seeking innovative practices in the Atlanta area.

The theme of the workshop was “how to increase customer engagement in services”

The participants were divided into interdisciplinary groups and immersed in the context of services that surround Georgia Institute of Technology.

Through this immersion process, they were able to generate ideas and prototype innovative solutions based on their observations.

According to messages posted on Twitter, participants found the Design Thinking methodology invigorating and energizing to business.

Many participants weren’t familiar with Design Thinking’s approach to business innovation and seemed excited about the discovery.

MJV’s Global CEO, Mauricio Vianna, was positively impressed with everyone’s engagement in the activities.

The participants showed interest in continuing to learn and apply Design Thinking practices.

Carrie Moore, Head of MJV Atlanta office, found the event’s atmosphere pleasing and productive. 

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