The Playing for Change project focused on facilitating the implementation of an SAP – ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system to a company with over 5000 employees. For an organisation of this size the introduction a new IT programme represented a potentially extensive amount of time spent on training in addition to a significant investment in communication and change management initiatives.

As people are naturally averse to change, a project of this nature can be met with much resistance and difficulties. Our goal was to make the change as effective as possible and avoid a lengthy implementation process that would also bring both cost and time spent on training down.

By identifying and responding to not only the common barriers to organisational change but to latent human-factors as well – employee fears, varying departmental cultures and technical capabilities – we were able to design an implementation process that responded to the users real needs. With the use of Gamification, a method that uses play to engage users in the learning process, the training and implementation of the new programme not only came easier to employees but created buzz and excitement around what would traditionally be a difficult process.


Exceeding the company’s initial objectives for the project, the series of games that were developed not only cut down on implementation costs but also created engagement between employees, transforming what could have been a negative experience into a positive one.

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