Insurance Industry

A major insurance company was experiencing an extremely high turn over rate in their call centres, which was driving up costs and having a negative effect on their customer service. Looking to understand the reasons employees were leaving and to also improve efficiency, the company asked us to develop solutions that would improve engagement and employee retention.

In order to better understand their routines, systems and protocols we spent six weeks inside the call centre holding conversations and observing employees and managers. This experience not only provided a look into the context of the office and the relationships people had with each other and their work, but also allowed us to find opportunities the project could address.

A high-pressure environment with few breaks, low wages and little opportunity for growth, we discovered that the call centre experienced an extremely high turnover because employees had no incentive to stay, and would work for competitors for even the slightest change in benefits. In addition to these individual barriers we also found that instead of asking each other for help, employees would put in a request to their supervisor when faced with a query they could not answer, which would enter a massive cue and bring down productivity.


An innovative approach to creating engagement and solving problems, we used a process known as Gamfication to introduce an element of fun to their IT system. Encouraging collaboration and playful competition, the Cool Centre game encourages users to engage with each other, and improves their individual relationships with their work and professional development. Even after very initial testing and prototypes the game has seen a vast improvement in employee retention – having fun and interacting, they are now asking each other questions which has in turn brought down the back log of queries to supervisors exponentially and improved the service they are offering to customers.

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