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Identify new business opportunities  in the face of increasing demand for airline tickets in Brazil, with the help of processes Design Thinking


A global refreshments brand faced complex challenges associated to their organisational culture when looking to expand their reach in emerging markets. Without a unified vision on design, the overarching strategy of the company did not align with the varying cultures of their offices scattered across the continent. The goal of the project and the work we undertook focused on defining and communicating the corporation’s approach to design in a way that each individual team and employee could adopt and champion.

With offices located in key cities and countries, a vital element of the project lay in understanding each branch’s culture in order to successfully translate the processes to each individual context. Having previously embraced design as the most effective way to tackle their largest areas for growth – communication, consumer trends and branding – our job was to multiply the small strategic design teams knowledge to the rest of the organisation. As the team’s participation in all initiatives was not cost effective or feasible, the project aimed to develop a training programme that would ultimately instil a self-sustaining and company-wide culture of design.

Immersing ourselves in both the company’s markets and individual offices we worked alongside employees to define and develop solutions that were culturally relevant, operationally feasible and readily actionable. Because of these experiences we were able to develop a two-year training and immersion programme that has begun to set the wheels in motion for the successful understanding and adoption of the company’s design processes.


Thanks to this company-wide and culturally specific plan for communicating their vision of design, the corporation has been able to transform the possible fragmentation of their brand into opportunities for reaching their objectives in emerging markets.

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